About StormSafe™

"I invented StormSafe for my own operation" says Mike Meeker, fish farmer since 1984. "But it will work anywhere in the world, because other farmers have the same challenges I have".


Massive ice flows each spring and 100 kmh winds are two of the biggest problems Mike's faced during his 30-plus year career on the water, and the struggle against these powerful forces of nature hasn't been without some heavy losses of both fish and equipment.


"Twice my cages have been destroyed by moving ice", says Mike. "The second time I vowed I wouldn't let it happen again. Then I came up with the idea for StormSafe".


The genius behind the StormSafe system boils down to few key features that make the battle against Nature's fury a whole lots easier. Fast, controllable submersibility and modular expandability are two. Rather than using horizontal tubes that float on the surface, as with traditional net pens, StormSafe features 6 vertical spars, each containing 3 separate air chambers for buoyancy. For a more detailed look at StormSafe's features, click here.